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I did it [Jul. 14th, 2008|10:20 pm]
Miss Creole Loves You Not
I welcome you to LJ v1.0

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Hellos from the past [Jan. 9th, 2008|08:58 pm]
Miss Creole Loves You Not
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I'm back to my irregular posting habits. My blogspot site is rotting away in a corner somewhere because I'm too lazy/busy to post anything in it. Plus, I'm not in the mood to share.

Happy new year everyone!

Today, I went to the mall to have my glasses fixed. While waiting for them, I managed to shop for dinner (first attempt at gyoza. Not too bad, lacked garlic and ginger though.), check out the new art supply shop at the top floor and pass by the arcade to see what new games they have.

When I reached Quantum (hello, old school!) there was this sudden surge of familiarity, like seeing a good friend after a long time. I missed it so much, I felt old since it wasn't as shiny or noisy or flashy as it once was (I didn't check if their "super cool" entrance was still there.). They have ParaPara and Dance Maniax and so I couldn't help myself.

I played and both felt familiar. I don't practice at home and the last time I went to the arcade to play those games we like a year ago. But when I played them I still know the moves and the exact dance from Parapara. High school kids who were playing basic Dance Maniax songs helped me access the special menu on the machine (I forgot how to), what they didn't know was that I more or less kick ass on that game. Adrenaline rush ♥ `◟(◜ω◝)◞` ♥

I saw Edison, one of the arcade twins we met around the time we frequented SM North. He still remembered me which was quite the surprise `ω` I saw new blood. New kids who played on our machines, danced our songs and at to some extent wore what we used to wear. Oh lulz ◑ω◑

I felt old. Hahahah ◜▽◝

Makes me miss old friends I don't see much of anymore (╭;◡‸◡;╮)

Lots of ♥!!
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Harry Potter [Jul. 24th, 2007|01:01 am]
Miss Creole Loves You Not
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HP spoiler. Fangirling ahead.Collapse )

I don't have the talent to write a powerful or excellent review of this beautiful, beautiful book. I am simply here to gush and rave about this wonderful world Jo bestowed upon us. Without it, I'd be lost in the depths of boredom and (quite possibly) depression for it was with Harry Potter I've met good friends (the Green Muggle Bus) good reads (fan fiction. Neer ending fan fiction. Had to have 2 a day) and RPGs (I apologize to my amortentia friends for suddenly vanishing. :c).

This was a good ending to a series so well-loved by an ever growing community. I won't even bother telling you about the confusing bits and the rare moment of boredom and the predictable course of some because this book, to me, is a very good friend and it's something I cannot put down or bash or criticize.

I feel sad for it's end. I will miss the waiting and the constant theories but most of all I will miss watching my best friends, Harry, Ron and Hermione and everyone else mentioned whether fleetingly or by a chapter's worth in this series. I will miss the adventure, my quickening pulse and my not-so-silent cheers for this book, but then I realize that I could always just visit them, much like an old friend, by walking to my shelf.

I love you Harry Potter. You will never ever be forgotten.
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I wanna be in Hong Kong on Jan 12!! [Jun. 29th, 2007|09:03 pm]
Miss Creole Loves You Not
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I want to be there!! Kelan lang to mangyayari uli? Ha? HA??
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